Theo Penn

Theo Penn is a guest contributor for Jesmond Warrior.

A few months after shedding tears in the wake of a Liberal mauling in May 2015, Theo Penn walked into an unassuming Sixth Form classroom and found himself sat next to the founder of a certain political blog. They soon realised that each knew what the other was talking about, which might be considered an achievement in itself. Theo now writes for Jesmond Warrior, hoping that his occasional contributions will bring an economist’s brain to the table along with yet another dose of right-leaning centrism.

Theo’s views are shaped by a marked passion for liberalism and political participation, underpinning each article he concocts. A keen advocate of peace and justice, he endeavours to present the grand scheme of international relations in a clear and accessible form. He anticipates that this approach will connect more people with the complex world of government and politics, having seen mounting disengagement first-hand. Perhaps the cavalier attitudes of the average Commons scrap present frenzied illusions of backstabbing and disorder, but there’s very real structure and debate underneath it all.

Political discussions seem to have fallen into the depths of dinner party conversation, despite the growing importance of Britain’s democratic life. Fundamentally, it’s a subject which affects everyone, and it’s one that can’t be ignored. Party politics eventually runs out of steam, much like this brief history of just about everything that came to mind. But when those little ideas have been carefully arranged and spin-doctors have done their work, it’s up to the readers and writers of political columns to set the record straight.