Neil Kotre

Neil Kotre is the founder of Jesmond Warrior, and is now the blog’s lead writer.

Remarkably, Neil Kotre was born with the answer to just about every political problem in the world firmly implanted in his head. It was highly unfortunate, therefore, that he forgot this vital information soon before he learned to speak or write, forcing him to take the slow road to power.

Somehow, this ended with him agreeing to chair three meetings for the Second Newcastle Youth Council, soon extending to seven and giving him a pretty good chance of becoming one of the city’s Members of the UK Youth Parliament. This election he promptly won, the glorious victor from a field of literally one candidate.

A right-leaning centrist whose views often went against the grain of many constituents, he only lasted a year but earned enough respect to be given a silly nickname: Jesmond Warrior. Like most people of this description, he’s now turned to writing – specifically this blog – and wonders exactly how much his memoirs will sell for when he finally puts pen to paper.