Lorcan O’Toole

Lorcan O’Toole is a guest contributor for Jesmond Warrior.

Deep in the hot oven that is the political spectrum, Lorcán O’Toole can be best described as a solitary cookie. A generally leftist dough is interspersed with chocolate chips of petty conservatism which make for a distinctly eclectic set of opinions which fit the ‘Awkward One’ mould with a suitable degree of comfort.

This Palestine-backing, privatisation-fearing, Corbyn-supporting federalist simultaneously despises Americanisms, pointless abbreviations and the increasing liberalisation of vocabulary that brought us such hits as “Chinawoman” and “spokesperson.” He also supports the use of the historic counties to an almost fascist extent; if Birmingham is described as being in anywhere but Warwickshire or the same crime is committed against Newcastle and its county of Northumberland, the perpetrator will be shot at dawn. Possibly. However, this distinctive mindset is usually promoted by staunch unionists – one of which O’Toole most certainly is not.

Lorcán will aim to pen contributions which reflect this wide range of views, creating an inimitable territory of his own. With the rise of a newly sanguine force of leftist populism in 2015, these articles will provide a marked contrast to the received wisdom of liberal Socialism. In time, he hopes that this approach will stamp out such blemishes as “deplane,” “normalcy” and – erm, cookie…