The Jesmond Warrior Team

Jesmond Warrior is the political blog of Neil Kotre

  • Avid reader & writer
  • Enthusiastic tea-drinker
  • Keen observer of life, the universe & everything

“Jesmond Warrior is written by young people. It doesn’t talk down to young people, it doesn’t stray from serious issues. But that’s not to say it’s an overly complex read, or that wider audiences can’t appreciate it. Essentially, if you’re a casual observer of politics or just want to read a good opinion column from time to time, you might find it interesting.”

Jesmond Warrior published ten articles in 2015 to assess the viability of the site, in addition to one preliminary test article and one guest contribution. Following this successful experiment, publication resumed soon after the 2016 EU Referendum.

Neil Kotre is the lead writer for Jesmond Warrior, but guest contributors Theo Penn and Lorcan O’Toole occasionally publish articles to widen the range of views expressed on the blog. All views expressed are the views of contributors alone, and should be considered as such.


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